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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Goodbye August! and hello bright fun and sun!

I don't know about other people but as winter approaches weirdly strange things happen to me! I take on this panic mode trying to cling onto the sun and bright vivid summer colours and make an array of summer related things just as everyone else is turning to Halloween and the dreaded C word! The next thing that happens is a sort of slow acceptance through the month of September that yes 'Winter is coming' hee hee and i resign myself to creating festive things in my same bright style!

Lately with the onset of colder days i have been winter proofing my workshop. I invested in a  nice oil heater some carpets for the wooden floor and we are insulating my roof in a  week or 2. Despite my apparent organising for the inevitable weather i'm very sad to be saying goodbye to fresh flowers, new cut grass, bright borders and pants for sale in every supermarket we visit!

How do i combat this sad goodbye ? Well i CREATE my own eternal summer!

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