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Monday, 18 August 2014

Giveaway !! Back to school celebration!

Yup that's right, here in Scotland school goes back tomorrow!!! And even though i as a mother should be saddened at the loss of daytime with my kids i cannot be more relieved at gaining some valuable ME time back! Looking forward to tidy, quiet daytimes, not moaning and arguing. Crafting time and time to chill out!

SO in light of this bright time ahead haha I am doing a give-away!

Simple, wherever you see this picture, comment below and share the link on any of your social platforms, I am on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ...ill keep an eye out. The winner will be chosen by keeping note of all sharers and picking a name at random! The more you share the more your name goes in the hat!

So start entering as these gorgeous hand made wooden and enamel brooches don't stick around long. They look great on bags too!

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