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Thursday, 1 January 2015

January 2015 and the DIY begins!! Week 1

My new years resolution this year (although i started a few days before) was pretty simple and ultimately selfish! To concentrate on my art and to finish my home with DIY and creative flair in a  year using a limited budget per room and lots of ideas from the internet! An easy challenge to set myself I think as January slowly flows in!!
So to my first room i set myself the task of creating a cute childish woodland.A place of joy and fun to eat our meals as a family and to indulge my woodland obsession. The room used to be my workspace but now has returned to the long awaited title of dining room and was sadly neglected in recent months. I bid a farewell to my rainbow wall and set about task.
The first chore was to cover the rainbow stripe walls of my craft room days which were now sadly worn and damaged, i didn't want to lose the texture of the wallpaper so opted to paint over my walls. This took 3 undercoats and 2 main colour ! Needless to say it took a whole 2 days on this task alone!

I set myself a sort of mood board of items on a chair i later plan to paint to give me an idea of where i'm heading with this room. I still have a ton of painting and up-cycling in the next few weeks so i guess i will have to keep everyone updated with progress!!! I set about turning an old pine set of drawers into something eye catching and painted them red. I first had to sand the drawers, glue and repair damage and remove the handles. 
The handles received coats of turquoise emulsion followed by hard wearing lacquer.
The unit was given multiple coats of red before also finishing with lacquer. But the feet were given an extra little layer of surprise in a subtle red glitter paint, only noticeable for those with a keener eye lol.
 Adorning the wall above will be red shelves completed in the same manner as the drawers which will soon see white trees at either side of the wall. I cannot wait to proceed with the tree painting or shelving i plan for them!!

I shall keep updates going on how my room proceeds. I hope to wow and craft my way through an entire woodland theme in a month ( fingers crossed!) So keep tabs on ideas and tips and some happy DIY.

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