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Friday, 15 November 2013

New year is coming and NEW liana!!

Yes i know only a short while ago i revamped changed my packaging and logo etc, buuut there comes a time in every girls life where she needs to grow up a bit! Sadly i think that time has come for Liana Marcel, I'm no longer competing with kitchen crafts and quaint small fairs but as time goes on i'm finding i'm beginning to have a following and find customers near and far, invites to events have started to come thick and fast and i think now is the time to put the professional boots on!
What does this mean ? Well firstly a whole new sleek and classy logo, easy to market and east to have transferred to proper packaging and cards, finding my look in how i present my creations is now equally important to what i create.
A whole new range of more expensive and bespoke items coming to my store, making me more than a kitchen table watch this space for some interesting designs in 2014.
I will still make those quaint and quirky items at good prices too but now they shall have packaging needs to make them more gift able and recognizable as one of my products.
New packaging? i whispered....yes embossed boxes, velvet bags, sleek new cards and tags, every item embellished with a silver unicorn head charm!

So if i'm silent in the weeks up to and after Christmas
Now you know why! And on this note i shall leave you with my new look blog and my fabulous new logo!

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