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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas is coming to the Marcel household

Woohoo, I don't know about you but i have definitely been bitten by the festive bug. Head brewing with candy cane cookies recipe ideas, a longing to glitter and wrap up everything in sight and sing Christmas song merrily loud and almost in tune!
I had a severe case of bah humbug in the previous weeks but as the twinkle in my childrens eyes as the night for Santa approaches so does my festive mood. I am rather pleased with my abilities to sort out presents in under 4 weeks on a  strict budget and the lack of stress with only 6 days to go is almost unnerving me in itself!
So i hope your families are ell, your trees are up and your parcels wrapped for the family day.
I hope you also spare a thought for the less fortunate and do at least one good deed in a time when its all about 'togetherness'.
If your in the west lothian area maybe think about supporting the West lothian toy appeal and give some smiles to an underprivileged child in your area this year or next if its surpassed the donations final date!
So until the new year this shall be short and sweet, just to show im still alive and i shall leave you with some of my festive decorations we made ourselves this year xx

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