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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Another page worth a mention...

So we all know i like to brag about pages from time to time, when i love someones work i think its only fair to share! Well this week i have 2 such fab pages, and as both are clay artists i figured id give them a  blog post each, one today and one before the end of the week.
Now don't think these 2 pages have similar items as they truly don't, the style and creativity is completely worlds apart but the skill of both lovely ladies is amazing. Showing with such talent just how one medium can be transformed so differently by creative hands.

The first page is Creepies, a fabulous monster filled page of awesomeness. Cute adorable little beasts and creatures you just cant resist wanting to adopt. Colourful and addictive, The first time i laid eyes on a 'creepies' i was in love.

  The mastermind behind creepies (Mrs Creepie)

Owner,designer,curator,illustrator and monster maker!
23 year old monster lover, with an obsession for Halloween and general creepiness! Started making Creepies and touching clay in 2013.

The page has grown from nothing to success in just a few short months and the small cute monsters are now also being sold on a fabulous website that i already loved!

or find her on her own etsy

Creepies following of adoring fans makes sure the lil cuties don't stay on the shelf too long and the clay items are in high demand. Not only does this amazing clay sculptor create these perfect figurines but she draws them too, you can purchase colour pictures of her amazing little personalities .
These are some of my fave items from creepies! I don't think it will be long before i begin my creepies collection either!

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