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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Working on wood

Once again i'm back to working on my hand illustrated wooden jewellery, i like to chop and change between the things i make to keep my designs fresh and to stop boredom creeping in.Between wooden pieces, resin, felt sewing and machine sewing i never find time to knit anymore and should make a point of setting some evening time aside for that.

I love mythical creatures and stories,, im also very heavily influenced by nature and i think the wooden pieces bring out everything i love...that chance to hand draw and make my own miniature art in a wearable piece. The dainty pieces are so my own style and i think for the first time in years i am finally happy creating a style thats me and no longer following trends. I may not have found my niche yet in the accessories markets but as long as i love what im making im half way there. I've also been dusting off my wire and resin and making some smaller pieces than i used to....

Its been such a hectic month so far, between school holiday and family illness i feel all i do is struggle to keep up. But i will always find time to craft, its like coffeee to me lol. i need to start the day with it or i just get grumpy hahahah. I have found so many awesome tutorials online which has sparked my imagination to make some new things, ive dusted off trusty old sewing machine and i am now taking a break from jewellery and thinking of creating some soft pieces, possibly a rainbow bag and a mermaid doll xx Until next time xxx Cheery bye
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