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Saturday, 20 April 2013

April the fawn

I know i have shown you my felt fawns before but with every new creation somehow seems to have a new face, a new personality so i decided to introduce 'April' my latest fawn who will be winging her way to her new home tomoro afternoon. A fawn with grace and a subtle wisdom in her little black eyes lol. People may think im wierd but i just love these creature, im working on 'Evie' the unicorn and im dying to have her finished as she will be an absolute beauty to behold. This months sees me trying to organise myself into certain days for certain crafts as i juggle so many and often neglect things i really should be making. My children are back at school again , thank goodness so i have a few short hours where i have no children at home at all. It's BLISS i tell you. I also made myself some new moulds for future pieces such as my dainty fairy but so far i'm trying to decide how best to use her, the one pictured was so fragile that shortly after the picture i managed to break her leg. OUCH. I will have to think up the most durable way to use her in jewellery.

 I think that is all i have for today, not an interesting blog more of an update and introducing another fawn lol. Until next time xx Cheery Bye xxxxxxxx