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Saturday, 13 April 2013

A morning by the sea

Today for a little change i rose early for a trip to the beach with my friend becky , our mission was simple, we were on the hunt for sea glass and sea pottery for our jewellery designs, I alos had an ulterior motive, to fill my fabulous glass candle holders in my nautical bathroom with seaside treasures and give the room some real ocean feel. Its a cold day, windy a bit grey here in central scotland, so we donned wellies and boots, extra layers of clothes and coats and were on the rocky beach before breakfast.

Not the most beautiful of beaches, but after all this is Scotland haha. Besides we were not after a luxurious sandy beach which stretched for miles we were on the great hunt for smooth treasures caught in the rocks and pools.

Becky strolling off along the beach collected bits she knew i would like and vice versa and we traded every time we met up to venture further out. Tide coming in quick we wandered until we had covered the whole beach with heavy bags laden with an assortment of sandy shells stones and other things we just had to have.

Sore on the feet but a lovely morning, that sea air definately made me hungry and home before lunch. I spent an hour cleaning the sand from my finds and i'm so excited to get using the odd assortment that to many is just rubbish on a beach but to us are treasures to become beautiful adornments.
. I guess soon ill be littering my blog with the creations im champing at the bit to begin. xx

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