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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Introducing 'Evie'

I am currently working on an awesome project, a custom piece for a new arts and crafts shop opened in Leeds. I am good friends with the owner Stacey, and jumped at the chance to make her a namesake figure for her shop 'Chasing Evie'. Its a treasure trove of handmade items from crafters all over the UK.
The shop is an array of many things, from scarves to toys, jewellery and keepsakes, its my kind of place.

So after much thought and loving that Evie is a unicorn i set about using there theme colours to first make the free standing felt animal. I still have the woodland stand to make but i think so far i have done them proud, matching her hair to the shop colour theme and giving them there 'Evie'
The owner stacey also owns 'Fifi and Flo', the company i collaberate with to make my wooden faux enamel jewellery and offer, wooden and acrylic cutting, embroidered garments and many many jewellery pieces. Why not head over to facebook to have a look at what both shops offer.

Until next time .
Cheery bye xxx

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