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Saturday, 19 November 2011

yes im still here and not dead!

i know its been a while since my last blog but blame it on ill health , bad weather and general laziness on my part. Whenever im ill all my drive just fades into non existance and if i have a flu like this current one that lasts more than a week or two my life is left in untidy chaos.
I have a mountain of things to make for my facebook followers, a house half decorated for xmas. A shopping list half done for all those christmas neccesities. Neglected chores and neglected blog. I think my facebook followers have reported me missing as my unusual absence for the last 2 weeks while stuck at ome in peejays and sipping lemsip have kept me from my PC.
Where to start is a good question i have so much i could blog but yet so little in the way of good gossip or interest. my crafts are at a standstill as are my stack of dishes. Life at home has been a full circle of snot wipes, vicks,vitamin c pills and moaning children and men. The disaster struck when i also fell victim to 'the bug' and now our home is like a deserted bombsite, im left sitting amongst the debris with a red nose and stuffy head hoping to see the sun once again .
I have a million ideas to be sewing and making, i have managed to pour some resin paperweights embedding some flowers from the bargain tub at tesco and save the bedraggled things from ever dying off. cant wait to see the finished results.
i managed to pull together some xmas jewellery for various family and friends and i have also sorted out my secret santa gift for the fellow admin on facebook i have been allocated, i feel sorry for her as i am a terrible present picker and never have a clue what people will like and usually get it wrong.
Life lately illness aside has been a strain. i dont think i ever touched on the fact my fiancee was on the mend from stomach cancer and also a relapse with the cancer, he has recently been coming off of his cancer medications which is something they dont tell you . That the medications are highly addictive and that you then have to be weaned from them over several months after the cancer has gone and its hard. Ive watched him battle the worst withdrawals and watched him in pain, the first time wasnt so bad as he was treated for a shorter period of time with medications but when he relapsed they retreated for double length of time and with stronger doses so he has had a painful battle these fewmonths but i think he can finally see the sun. Were looking forward to finally after a few years of this getting a life back.
I have some projects i aim to make tutorials for but as yet being unwell means i cannot promise when the first one will be as i dont think it would be very attractive or helpful to sniff and slaver with a limited vocabulary in a muffled manner while trying to hold my own head up!
so for today as i know im rambling, such are the joys of cold and flu pills that make you slightly wasted au revoir and hopefully till tomoro goodnight xx

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