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Thursday, 6 October 2011

quiet day with nothing to say

Seems like the rain has taken away my inspiration! I have nothing much to blog today, plan on getting my head down and working away with my orders to catch up. Its my daughter Chloes birthday in a few days so im in panic mode buying gifts both online and in trips to town. Why is it you feel like you have never bought enough and then look back in misery and say she was spoiled i bought too much lol.

I am making her cake again this year as i enjoy decorating cakes from time to time, couldnt do it more often as its a bit too messy a hobby for my liking. I prefer things that wont get my hands wet or dirty lol.

My partner has started selling portraits on facebook through my page and i must say hes getting so much interest i dont know why he didnt do this a lo9ng time ago. He does pencil sketches mostly but im trying to move him into colour and canvasses too for a broader range of things for people to buy.

I myself do childrens art for there rooms, i love bright and simple and have uploaded some pictures for you to see of past work, i sell these for £5 per A4 unframed colour picture and i can also add personalisations. Once again you will find these on my facebook at this link

Well i better be off and tend to my housework and orders today im sorry i was all Blah blahhed out but guess it will happen from time to time, until we meet again goodbye n happy crafting xxx

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