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Friday, 25 November 2011

the creative buzz

Seems like i have found a wave of creativity and have jumped right on. Maybe its the awful scottish weather, or lack of being brave enough to venture outside but for some reason i am swelling with ideas for 'sunnies' this is what im reffering to my creations as there all bright and fun and injecting some sun into the drab month.
So first up i thought i would show you what i have managed to get from brain to finished piece so far.
I have one of my sunny dolls and a funkey which is a fun monkey and my kids love them. I intend doing many variations of each both in style and size, im completely in love with the monkeys and think a massive one would be awesome.
Also on a more personal note i dont think i have introduced you to levi my pet marmoset, we have had him about a month now and hes a cheeky adorable little like a proud mum showing off her baby, heres 'Levi' ........
Seems like xmas is almost upon us and i have spent a week sewing on cutesy pictures and names onto inexpensive felt stockings for my family members as a little extra in there presents, i think they were around 50p each in tesco and the size of a normal stocking, i jazzed them up with xmas ribbon and felt scraps i cut to make up a snowman, santa, elf etc and sewed them on by hand and machine, filled the stocking with cocolate and inexepensive cute toiletries and makes a very toughtful gift. For a little sparkle i hung 2 small glittery xmas baubles meant for small mini trees from the stocking hanger using te gold rope that came with the baubles . Unfortunately i forgot to take pictures of this so will upload some with my next blog.
I also decided it was about time you lovely folks saw how messy and unorganized my work area is, for some reason people like to see were creativity lives and plays so i decided instead of tidying up and showing a glamorised version of my area i would show it how it is today mid- creation session.
I have become completely obsessed with vintage and retro at the moment, trawling ebay for some treasures, i painted my kitchen wall in a candy pink and intend to fill my lovely room with shabby chic finds and vintage loveliness, my work area as you can see is also my dining room and retro is winning in there i am on the hunt for anything funky, i feel all this love of colour is intensifying as the winter drags in grey, doom gloom amd windyness.As a way of counteracting it i guess.
My top bargain of the week is a vintage enamel teapot in pink i won on ebay for £1.99, my over spend was a retro radio in cream that cost me £20 ouch....second hand isnt alwasy cheaper lol.
And after the head buzz of my bright rooms i intend to head upstairs to a peaceful forest bedroom , i have my eye on a wall scene of trees, some greens and browns to finsh it and me and my marmoset can co-habit in a restful woody room, i havent even started that one yet but cant wait to start looking for logs and vines to screw to my wall ....havent told the other half yet, better soften him with an xbox game ......................

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