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Monday, 3 October 2011

when its raining i get more done!/liana.marcelhandmades

good morning lovelies, well seeing as i live in central scotland its no surprise that its raining, dark and miserable but for me thats a good thing for it means i will actually get things done today! See if it was sunny i would cut the grass, bask in the unusual sun for a bit maybe play with zack in the garden, stroll with chloe to school and generally waste the day with sun related tasks lol. SO for me a miserable day is a productive one so im getting my felt out and sewing thread and making some felt roses.

SO far i have made one while watching The A team movie last night and i love them, i found the patterns in a crafter magazine called mollies makes, quite simple really and the results are fabulous, i aim to make half a dozen before deciding what to adorn with them, im a bit random like that.

Today i am also working on another designed tote bag, if you go to my facebook LIANAMARCEL HANDMADES you will see i make them to order with character faces of the childs choice and there name. Today i have a lightening mcqueen car task!

If i get that done with time to spare i am then going to make my 2nd ever dreamcatcher....... the first i made a few days ago for my daughter...its pink and fluffy with silver web and looks fab in her girly room, will post pics when i take some.This i learned to do from a you tube video...dont under estimate the internet ladies its a well of information .

I am also brainstorming a whole book of gorgeous knitted tea party food, i have worked out various cakes and biscuits and still designing donuts and such and hope to put a colour book on self publishing site when done to let all you lovelies get your needles out and knit some lucky child a great tea party. I love knitting although i do not have as much patience for bigger projects i like to see the results of what im working on quickly sometimes im too impatient and have been known to abandon large time consuming projects for days at a time to work on smaller ideas. I have an idea to also publish the book of current small knitted things i sell, dainty dolls and itty babies and such there gorgeous keepsakes you can find on my facebook to which i will post a link.

Apart from all the glorious crafting things i have to do today i still have the usual mum duties, unfortunately my tumble dryer had a break down due to over working lol and now i am having to hang clothes up on washing lines and clothes horses which is a bit of a shock to the system. I dont pretend to be a domestic goddess in fact id say as a rule my house is a tip a lot more than its ever tidy. Well wouldnt you choose craft over housework too?

Ok so im open to any ideas on comments on what to blog about tomoro? do you want a talk through tutorial or more garb like today, i hope as i get better at this my blogs will have more structure and usefulness, pictures and links... i would also love for you to leave me any links to great tips and projects i can then do my own spin and creation are my favourite part!

Soooooo until tomoro when we meet again au revoir and happy crafting , whatever you may be making today good luck and i know it will turn out fabulous xxxxxxxx

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