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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

introducing my dreamcatchers with a difference

Morning all well my cup of tea is absent thanks to the ever slow other half, the deal was that i cycle chloe to school and he makes me a cuppa on return but alas here i sit tealess while he makes excuses hmmmmmm. Cant get good help anymore lol.
So i started my new line of dreamcatchers with a difference this week, my aim is to make them a more attractive item in a decor rather than the native american styling. I found that dreamcatchers are amazing for young children who have problems with nightmares, and the pink one pictured is actually the one i made for my own daughter, she believes so truly that they catch bad dreams she is no longer having any . It amazes me the power of the mind. My only grumble was the style as it didnt quite go with the decor even though i made it in pink and fluffy i wasnt happy with how it looked in her room, although chloe loves it, it pushed me to make another in a country garden inspired style and i plan on making many more themes, sky is the limit after all. I am selling the garden one on my facebook page
Yesterday my chloe and i set about the task of making millies style choc chip cookies which was a success , we made 20 large yummy gooey cookies , some a bit burnt round the edges and i found it maybe needed some oven tweeking but the recipe was sound, i decided i should share it with you all. So when i write it out and post it online ill come back and link to this blog with it. Take it from a huge millies cookie addict these are almost as good.
I have also been brainstorming on how to make more unique items to me rather than my spin on things made over and over by crafters i love uniqueness and love to design, my dream job would be designing fabrics and kits for crafters. Art is a huge part of my life and i love photography. Im attracted to so many styles and patterns that if i were to decorate a room in what i love without restraint it would be a multicoloured ecclectic and crammed room full of goodies, sparkle, fluff and colour. If i knew how to have my fabric designs printed i would be making oober cool things like bags and purses and cushions endlessly.
I used to make 3d canvas art for children and im thinking of starting again, my most popular was a castle in pink fabrics on a garden scene with fluffy bushes and rosebuds, sparkly clouds and anything i could glue on to make it beautiful and im thinking i should bring them back . I know im juggling a million crafts but i get bored easily if i stick to one thing for too long and lose my crafting bug feeling. If i dot and change i have boundless endless energy for making things.
I dont really have much to say today my heads a bit fuzzy from what i fear is an impending cold so fluffy blanket and thick socks are at the ready with my knitting incase it gets worse lol, any excuse to knit up something while watching movies lol.

i also decided my blog should have some use like a daily tip or daily uselful link so todays crafting tit bit is a website i fell upon, i havent explored it much so would love some feedback on what you think of it
and until tomoro have a good day making lovelies xxx

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