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Monday, 3 October 2011

my first craft blog HEEELLLPPP

ok so i was mulling over a magazine reading about blogs and such, contemplating the days workload, ignoring the massive pile of dishes and the washing laying on the kitchen floor when it came to me....i must blog. Now having unsuccesfully registered on blog sites before and having absolutely nothing to say i then began to wonder how to blog about crafts. I mean i am a bit over obsessed in the craft and arts department but its not something i find a great deal to converse about! So heres the plan if you happen to fall upon my ramblings, i will try to post daily, usually in the morning before the tired fuzz of endless stitching clouds my sometimes bright brain. I will try to describe my current project and hope to make some you tube tutorials once i get my camcorder back (word of advice never lend a friend something of value or great need!).

Maybe before i begin i should tell you a little about myself, who i am , what i do where i came from etc.
Ok so where to name is leanne, i know thats contradicting the name i work under but there is method to my madness, i wanted my items to become a brand and not just a person that made things, i also wanted a name that sounded nicer than my own and kept my personal sites seperate from craft related ones...dont ask me why it seemed a good idea at the time and Liana Marcel was born.
im 31, i am engaged to my partner of 8 years and we have 2 lovely children, chloe aged 5 and zack almost 2. We live in a 3 bedroom new build house in bathgate in scotland. I love my home and where i live. I have a huuuge family of arty creative people, and i come from a long line of singers, actors and artists.
I myself trained as a beauty therapists in my early twenties as i also have an obsession with make up and for a while ran a you tube make up channel, i now hope to fill that channel with my real passion, something i used to be embarrassed about doing (woah the teens) and thats crafting.
i have done it all, dabbled here and there...ive been a singer in a girl band then a brit pop band, ive been a model, a writer, a reptile rescue manager, worked in endless call centres including 192 and sky tv. The only thing i havent tried is acting..hmmm maybe thats where i went wrong lol.
I am a craftaholic in that i dont have one but many many crafts, i learn quickly, love to improvise and mix crafts and have a yearning to learn more and more. For that reason i am addicted to you tube and i can be found daily buying supplies on ebay.
I hope to continue with my facebook page as i now have many loyal customers and hope to aim higher for the future. i have a couple of books to self publish in the works, i already have one online called oh bailey which i illustrated myself and dedicated to my daughter chloe, i have loads of ideas for tutorial videos and my partner a joiner to trade is going to start working alongside me in the furniture and bespoke wooden items side of things.

well i see for someone who had nothing to say i have actually said a lot (a lot of nothing but still a lot) I guess i better shut up for if you wanted to read a novel today you probably wouldn't be on a blogger site. i hope you join me from time to time and catch up as this is just my beggining and hopefully over time i will eventually start to become amusing and have something worth reading lol.
As i like to say....if you cant have a laugh whats the point!

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