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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Tooth fairy jars from

So a few weeks ago i was sitting staring at my mass collection of tiny glass vials and trying to come up with something a tad different.
As an avid youtube watcher of craft videos i had been intrigued to see polymer clay artists regularly adhering clay to glass with a few tips and tricks.
My brain began to work overtime at the possibilities and already having a love of making small intricate designs with polymer clay i soon came up with an idea. Combining my love of whimsy and fairytale with my love of small containers, glass and purposeful things i created my Tooth Fairy Bottles.
Why are these so much better than a tooth under the pillow?
Well having two children of my own i can assure you that it is no mean feat trying to slide your hands below the head of a sleeping child in the darkness and trying to locate something as small as a tooth.
With my bottles you do not place these under the pillow at all.
Instead you put your tooth inside and leave it to bask in the moonlight on a window sill or shelf. That way fairies see the little token holder and know to come get your tooth.
And when not in use i sell small sachets of glow in the dark pellets that can be stored in the empty jar. When its dark at night the tiny spaces in the clay glow subtly giving it such a magical quality.
I do two sizes of these cute bottles, the small are for tiny baby teeth and can fit a good size of small tooth, they are more dainty and charming. The larger can fit up to large lost teeth easily and are a bit more robust, suitable for children with naturally larger teeth.
Each one is lovingly hand crafted and although very cute and made for childrens teeth please do not let your children play with them. They are afterall a glass vial covered in clay which can be broken off or bitten at.
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