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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Make a DIY Unicorn magical whimsical card with my art :)

I was pretty much gorging myself on paper craft videos on you-tube this week due to being unwell and stuck home with sick kids too. I watched with envy at all the new Lawn fawn stamps and dye kits and thinking how awesome it would be to design my own stamps and dyes ( hint hint lawn fawn, ranger...whoever else makes stamps ??? lol) I had this sudden brainwave!!! I am only a beginner when it comes to paper crafting and my supplies are very sad and practically non existent My stamp collection is very eclectic from years of random gifts and junk shop finds. So instead of pushing aside the paper in a huff, i had decided i wanted to make my own pretty card today to send a friend and i wanted it to be as beautiful and hand crafted as the videos i watch on you-tube!
So how do you remedy the lack of cards and stamps?
I made my own printable sheet bringing together all the elements i wanted and voilĂ ....I am lucky enough to have a laser printer so printing this out on watercolour paper is almost like stamping right? And as for having no dyes well that's what scissors are for! YAY
I can shrink it to any size and print it off, I could even colour it online too if i was being super lazy and then just mount it on pretty card. Add some sparkle and VOILA!

And because i'm a sweet sharing girl here it is for you to print and use too.
Please if you do use this image give me some credit for it as i lovingly hand drew this piece and feel free to tag me in social media or share to my pages :) 

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