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Thursday, 14 January 2016

January is the beginning of new things at

     So as the title suggest I have some new news. New announcement ?  I don't know lol!  Anywhooo The new year kick started my new line of a quality delicious product. Wax melts!
I had never even heard of these until the very end of last year and once I did I swooped upon any information I could like an eagle to its prey. After weeks of researching, youtubing, sourcing and obsessing I got round to trying my very first melts today !!
And I am pleased to say that I did rather well!

       My first trials were more of a getting to grips with wax, working out the scent measurements and trying to be creative. Its not as easy as it looks! I'm a master of resin and was able to apply many of my skills to wax instead but I still found it challenging. The Heart tart melts are tutti fruity scented and was my first time mixing my own scent too! I sourced only premium waxes and fragrances online as I want my products to be the best!

     My next melts were a little more adventurous. I aim to be different and have pretty melts rather than plain ones. I think I achieved it with these strawberry and pear unicorns!
So now I'm storing them in sealed tubs for a few weeks to let the scents develop. Apparently this intensifies the smell so we will see. I have reviewers waiting to test them for me and watch this space!!!!

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