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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lenny The Unicorn DIY plush rainbow slippers from Liana Marcel

I have just uploaded my first YouTube tutorial in absolutely forever. I am so out of video making practice that this was a real labour of love!
But as promised i have filmed and posted my step by step video of me making my super plush Lenny slippers and i do hope you enjoy watching it. I would love to see any pictures if you try these for yourself.

What you will need -

Scrap rainbow fabric, i sourced a sample size on ebay for £1.89 posted
Half a meter of white fur fabric unless you can get white fur slippers . I paid about £4 posted for my half meter on ebay.
Slippers, you can get cheap slippers most places but i was lazy and again ebay £2.89 posted
Safety eyes. 99p for ten pairs on oh yes you guessed it EBAY!
Pink felt scraps ( i already had this.)
Yellow fleece or felt and i also already had this.

Yellow sewing thread and a needle.
Knitting needle or sharp tool to make eye holes
Sharp scissors
Hot glue gun ,I used 2 half sticks of glue.

And if you want the how to do! Then watch my video. Please feel free to ask any questions :)

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