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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Get to know the face behind Liana Marcel Designs (

The face behind the sparkly company we love 
Well, we all by now know Liana Marcel Designs, and if you don't? Then head on over to her website now! Then come back! It's fun here! So now you should ALL know Liana Marcel Designs, but do you know Liana herself?

Well we decided to host a little Q&A for Liana herself, so you can all get to know Liana personally! So kick back, grab your cup of tea, and get to know Liana. Trust me, she is a delight.

Hi there Liana, hope your comfy for the bombardment of questions I have!

So tell me a little about Liana Marcel Designs!Why did you decide to start the Liana Marcel Designs adventure and open your business?

"I actually never intended to start a business at all! A friend encouraged me to open up a page to show off my arty side, with intention of teaching DIY to the readers. Within weeks I had so many different requests for items I started an Etsy store, and it all started from there!"

I'm not surprised that people fell in love so quickly! What was is that inspired you for the name - Liana Marcel Designs?

"Liana Marcel was a pseudo name that I used as a teenager to let out my creative side and write short romance books! *chuckles* It's basically a more exotic and slightly posher version of my original boring name".

Well we definitely approve of the name choice! After all of your items changing every week, which one would you say is your favourite of all time? 

"My favourite item ever would have to be Robin brooch that I made in 2013 - It was the first time that I had ever used layers of decoupage in resin and I have to admit that I fell in love. The end result was so pretty that I didn't want to part with it! So I gifted it to my mum so we wouldn't have to part!"

Well I can see why! So with every great thing, there is usually a hurdle you have to cross to get there! Did you ever reach any stumbling blocks on the way?

Liana with her mum
"Well, I reached a time where my order book was full to the brim, but I wasn't enjoying what I was doing! I was creating what I knew would sell, and not what I craved to make. It hindered my creativity and I considered giving up so many times until I decided enough was enough. It was time to do what I loved!

I think we are all happy that you did! So now we know what you love to create, but what do you like to do in your spare time?

"Pretty much more creating! I love to crochet or knit to relax with my feet up but you can usually find me sat making items until i'm asleep!"

Could you tell everyone a fact that we don't know about you?

"I used to be a singer in a girl band *laughs*

Someone call XFactor! So I have noticed a few signs on your shop right now about "The Unicorn Revolution" could you explain what that is?

"The Unicorn Revolution is a calling to all lovers of unicorn, glitter, rainbows and magic - and to proclaim it loudly to the world. To wear that sparkly brooch or unicorn top. To be who they are comfortable being and that it doesn't matter is you are 9 or 90. If unicorn trousers and fluffy jerseys make you happy then throw caution to the wind!"

The first drawing of Lenny 
Well sign me up! So how did you come up with mascot Lenny The Unicorn?

"*laughs* Lenny was my teen nickname as I was such a tomboy - I was happily given a boy's name. I have always found myself doodling cute character and Lenny was just a doodle I did one day  and found myself repeating alot. My friend Jessica Meeks offered to digitally redraw him as a printable file and from the moment I said yes. He was born"

Now finally! What is the one piece of advice you would give to any readers that are thinking about opening their own crafty business?

"I would say - Just do it! If you don't try, you never know! What have you got to lose? The thought of putting your creations out there is far scarier than actually doing it. Be brave!"

So there we have it! The face being the sparkly revolution that I can't help but be envious of! A big thank you to Liana Marcel for answering all of my questions, and to all of you out there, scared of starting your own business! Take it from the expert - it may not be easy at first, but just do it! What else have you got to lose?

Jacqui Brough
Creator of The Brough Blog

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