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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A quiet butterfly garden

I recently uploaded a video to my youtube channel making realistic butterflies for your bedroom wall from printed  paper and a few essentials. I have added the video below rather than go onto describing the process to you for these beautiful yet simple wall decorations.

As is my nature i had to then play around with the little butterflies and came up with an easier yet pretty card topper version which i used to make my daughter a canvas picture.

The process is similar to the video butterflies but only simpler, the wings are not separated but kept as one whole piece with a sticky foam pad on the rear
...the body is a 6 inch piece of beading wire. i put a small seed bead in the center then fold the wire up so the ends meet, thread on several seed beads and glue into place on the wings.
When dry i trim the antenna and curl the ends and the glue will hold the last bead so it does not slide up.
The canvas i did some very small ones with no bodies to fill some gaps and chose various patterned paper with several butterfly shapes.
I think my recent love of making butterflies is what inspired my art journal page this week, somehow all those pretty patterned wings and delicate silhouettes made me dream of flying with butterflies and evolved somehow into my art.
Hope you enjoy my mixed media , i call it 'a quiet butterfly garden'

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