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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A little update , No i'm not dead!!!

I have made a return to youtube and a return to my blog YAY! So you can cheer with me , or maybe not. Truth be told I have been super busy with my writing blog, writing page and the novels I am in the middle of writing. Not to mention my weekly blog series on my newest blog. I know , I know...I'm crazy but hey ho. It makes me happy!

So first I shall give you a  little insight to what I have been doing. I finished my first romantic novel, it's called Just Rose and should be for sale on Amazon in the nearest future. It is currently going through the editing process and you can find little excerpts and character profiles on my blog !

I started a fabulous Witch series on my blog, a free read along every week with lots of extras!

I restocked Liana Marcel with some new rainbow things!

Oh and I have a giveaway running too with fabulous hand made witchy items!

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