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Friday, 12 February 2016

Happy Friday in the sick house of poorly children and half assed housework.

I figured it had been a really long time since i had just a general catch up blog! You know one of them pointless posts about why i have failed to keep you interested in DIY fabness or revealing new items. Truth is i simply have not had it in me.
My children came down with a slow passing lergy and have been off school most of this week, my house is not as tidy and prim as it could be and my workspace looks like the reject desk at a craft magazine when there searching for inspiration. I simply have come to a BLEUUURGGGHHH moment!
Well so far this year i mean who can blame me, post xmas blues where your recovering from the splurging and over spending. No one is really buying lots of cute quirky things from me so that normally leaves my time in the new year to dedicate to other things. Craft videos, ideas and new products. Truth is i've been so busy learning how to make the best ever wax melts i can and finding the process harder than i first imagined! See the down side to being a madame of perfection means you can not let one single 'not up to scratch' item leave your domain! That means lots of making, testing and well huffing and puffing when its not quite right and definitely NO listing any for sale! There will be a grand reveal , I am just not sure when ?!?!?!
My resin desk is like a desert plain with tumble weed blowing by as i seem to have gotten into the naughty habit of sitting watching youtube videos instead of actually creating...I am getting inspired i hear you yell! No i am not really....I am however being lazy and using it as a fabulous excuse.
I have a new bee in my bonnet whispering naughty evil thoughts about buying all new craft supplies and starting to paper craft! All in a good cause you understand, to make my own packaging super pretty and a whole new look to my parcels....... honest!
My kids have been doing well in school, My other halves business is in the process of a rejuvenation and heading in a new direction so it feels a lot like everything is up in the air. You have to take those scary steps though to succeed. Ever moving, ever growing.
I know this post has turned into a bit of a chin wag over the back fence, like neighbours catching up HAHA so i'll end with a project i did actually get round to doing this week . Thats a dolphin themed gift set .
Have a good weekend :)

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