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Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Unicorn Revolution..... Its growing so come join in!

The Revolution begins

Well its been a  few months since my team and I came up with the concept of the Unicorn Revolution. It pretty much is an excuse to collect all things Unicorn and claim it to be part of a secret society!!! We are United in our love of all things Unicorn but it so much more than that.
  It is a reason to embrace your inner child, a believer of the impossible. To grab onto glitter and sparkle like its going extinct. A chance to hoard unicorn lovelies and display them loudly. If anyone asks 'well I am a member of The Unicorn Revolution!' Call it our excuse to adorn ourselves in all things magical.

Yes we have a code, Yes we have a facebook group. (all societies need a facebook group dont they?)

Yes we have merchandise (

Yes we have a longing for worldwide domination!

How can you get involved?

Well firstly you can start by adorning yourself in unicorn lovelies and using our hashtags #TheUnicornRevolution or #TUR on your social media. We check the tags frequently and like to share some to our new website ( currently under construction ) specifically for our members to hit base.

You can enter our competition on facebook
And win a TUR goody pack welcoming you as our newest member. Again its a simple case of putting up a picture of you holding a Hashtag sign. Or just taking a picture of your sign!

Well That is it! You can find Liana Marcel on various platforms with various ways to get involved. So why not look me up xxxxx