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Friday, 21 June 2013

Im back to art

Its a strange life being me, i jump from craft to craft and whatever notion takes my fancy, i go round in circles and go back and forth creating a stream of similar objects but sometimes never returning to them.
This week i have found the art bug after starting my art journal a few weeks ago, and more importantly been working on a collection of similar style canvas pictures. I would say i've always had an immature style stuck somewhere between childrens drawings and steps at serious art ....never quite having the skills for real or still life paintings i used to struggle in art classes to stick with the program, always trailing off into a cutesy daydream world of juvenile art to express that inner child which will never grow up. I will still believe in unicorns when i'm 90 and probably still wear rainbow t-shirts too.

I've always been a messy artists, fingers and thumbs make great tools, my ability to smudge and smear has always delighted. I think my new found realization that art has no rules, no boundaries and is beauty in the eye of the beholder has finally freed that young girl who only wishes to put her ideas into reality without criticism on technique and style.

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