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Sunday, 31 March 2013

My other store

If your a follower on my Facebook page then you will know that making accessories and cutesy keepsakes are not my only passion. My friend Becky, whom i recently wrote a blog about her fabulous pieces is also my sidekick in the mould world. We run a shop on store envy called Glitterbugs supply store, which specialises in resin moulds of all shapes and sizes, we design and mould the pieces we use as templates and then we distribute to resin makers and love seeing what you all make with them.
from one of our moulds
We vary our designs i guess on what we currently like, some trends bypass us and some end up as moulds, we do try and release a wide variety of styles but i guess anytime a process of art or design is involved its influenced by what you like and your own styles. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a tool you have lovingly made being used by creative people. We use a real good quality flexible plastic for our moulds which enables us to grab some details quite well in designs, and some of our moulds are very simple giving the creative resin maker more use and scope to use the mould. We love making them . They for the most part pop out shiny and can remain unglazed although we do have a few matte ones which require a top coat or a dome layer of resin to clear them up.
Overall our moulds are priced at $6.50 (£4.28), we are Uk based but we use an american online shop due to it being mostly usa customers we served in the beggining, and i guess we got so used to using it we never really found the UK equivalent. Its a perk being able to design and make my own moulds i guess its the hugest factor when making my own jewellery in keeping it unique, i can work from an idea to paper then to a mould without endless searching on the internet for that idea to be fulfilled.
Glitterbugs i guess is most famously known for our range of bottle moulds, something i specifically adore and use often, and we have a huge array of basic shapes. Knowing what its like to want a specific shape or size i think makes us sympathetic moulders. We tend to think about the things a crafter would such as depth of mould, ability to use in more than one way. And i guess its why we have such a loyal following. I hope you come visit our mould store, we have had soap makers and clay artists use our moulds to see if they would work and to date have had no feedback to say yes or no.

 Hope to see you come browse our store and if your interested in learning more about making resin pieces why not join us on Resin addicts on Facebook. Where we teach members how to make a piece from scratch and they all share tips and tricks and knowledge for a truly rewarding craft. Why not watch this review by one of our customers to see how others feel about our moulds.....

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