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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Working away and video on the way

I have been working hard on my felted animals and finally working on my childrens bathroom incorporating my felt addiction. Meet Sammy the seagull and my art in progress the mermaid under the sea. I have found a new love for the possibilities of using felt and i have a severe bug for making things in an almost childish way. The bathroom still has a long way to go now i have decided on a nautical ocean theme, i expect ill post more pictures as it progresses but for now the seagull stands proud in his new home watching as my kids soak the bathroom at bath time lol.

Sammy sits on driftwood in a wooden bowl of shells

sammy  on his driftwood

Still incomplete but getting there slowly
I have been working on a video showing you how to make a mouse pin cushion by facing your felt with a gorgeous fabric and as soon as i do finish it i will upload both pattern and video here for your lovely eyes. I love seeing others work so why don't you show me your own by finding me on facebook.
I have sold a few items through my etsy, and wanted to share the custom bird and my new items for your input. Let me know what you think or go look at them on my store x

custom bird ordered via etsy

my mummy bird guarding her eggs

i think this is my favourite piece to date

I have ideas for so many things and i hope this addiction doesn't fade as quickly as it started , although i think my devotion to my little birds will live long as i just cant resist making them in every colour lol.
Maybe a rainbow of birds would be a sweet mobile over a baby's cot? who knows where my felt bag will take me next xx
As a last minute peek ill show you what i finished tonight and sold literally 4 minutes after i posted on my facebook and felt gecko...i hope hes the first of many more little lizards to come xxx

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