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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Trying Harder!!!

I am the worlds worst person at writing a blog, i do intend to carry through and always feel a lack of interesting content stops me, so from now on i promise to myself i will try and post a weekly post (when i remember) and maybe then ill get into the habit! I had a long spell of illness of the christmas and new year period which left me omitted to hospital a couple of times and it was a horrid thing to go through, i'm glad to say i'm fit and well (almost) and raring to go, i have new stock in my etsy ( and a lot of great ideas for the oncoming months. Firstly i thought i would share my current passion..
my handmade felt friend stands on his own 2 feet!

Tweety my new desk friend, this took me a few attempts as working out the pattern for the shape and type of bird i wanted was a bit of a hassle and maybe once i have him down to a fine art i may make the pattern available on my etsy. In the meantime i have so many variations to make and some stands to create for the lil birdys.

I am obsessed with natural things currently, especially balsa wood and in fact any kind of wood, i think it inspired me to make birdy and i love the resin glazed leaf jewellery collection.

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