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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sorting things out!

I spent a lot of time trying to co-join my 2 blogs and finally decided to delete the other one i had going from my time as a make up artist on youtube, i now will only use this blog and almost deleted my channel in the process of 'clearing ' up my internet sites, oops, 2 frantic hours of clicking and sweating and channel is restored and happy .
I have started to realise i may have more than a birdy obsession and possibly a serious birdy addiction that may require proffesional help and just spent 2 hours making a natural looking birds nest for one of my creations. I will post piccys when its dry and assembled.. In the meantime here is a barrage of felt creations to catch your eye, all can be found on My etsy store
my baaaaaaa sheep brooch
my goldfish brooch
hanging bird decor

valentines hanging bird

assorted felt brooches

my felt fawn 
As i keep ranting on i moved to etsy and i find i have somewhat dissapointing sales since the move, wierdly the only place i have good sales is through facebook itself which down heartens me, i critiscise my pieces and wonder how many find the amazing success they do yet i struggle to drum up traffic, id really appreciate inout . xx

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