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Friday, 20 January 2012

Updates, winner and random chat!!!

For some reason at the start of every new year i spend the month of january with renewed vigour, a desire to get loads done, the crafting bug in extreme amounts. It kind of continues through february so im hoping this design abundance continues now im stocking up my etsy woohoo.If you want to see what ive been creating heres my etsy store ..
I have been busy on youtube making videos and new friends, and i can honestly say the craft world is a welcoming friendly place where everyone is only too eager to help one another with tips and tracks. There are many amazing youtube crafters with awesome creations and videos that to name them would take all day. I am so happy i made the move back to youtube and extended my circle of friends xxx big hugs to all of you .

So i also pulled the winner for my subscribers competition so if you wanna know thne you have to watch this .. big congrats to the winner and i hope you like your prizes xxx

I am currently running a craft challeneg that anyone with a youtube account can enter theres 3 simple objects , a toilet roll, pegs and pipe cleanners to be used with 2 more of your choice to create something fun.. If you want more details on the challenege heres the video

Home life is pretty quiet right now my fiancee ross has started to create furniture for his new facebook page, you can order through this currently while he establishes himself but we hope to get him moved to a website im building soon, or maybe to my etsy or MISI .If your interested in vieweing his bespoke items find him here .. His current project is a gorgeous carved mickey mouse toybox .

Well not much to gossip about today, no real good chat, i have a day of chores planned then some late afternoon crafts with my lil girl. Have a happy valentines day, i wish i had created a craft tutorial for this fab lovey dovey day but alas im all out of time booo. Till we meet again CHEERY BYE xxx

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